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Summit 2023


We’re celebrating and elevating the psychedelic sisterhood!

Join us to connect, learn and grow. Help shape the future of the divine feminine in the psychedelic renaissance.  

Featuring female speakers from all realms of the psychedelic space, you will walk away with actionable knowledge whether you are just curious about psychedelics, an experienced psychonaut, an above or below ground healer, or an industry professional.

*All genders are welcome to attend

JoiN us to connect. JoiN us to learn and grow.

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Why should you join?

This unique “by women, for women” in person summit has been developed to elevate women and the divine feminine in the psychedelic space, providing a platform to raise women’s voices and deliver actionable knowledge in a community-centred atmosphere.

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What fellow sisterS say:

I didn’t feel shy or uncomfortable speaking about my experiences, I felt that the women in the room understood and related to my journey. The type of women in the group are people who are curious, accepting and willing to step out of the “norm” and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help shape a more balanced and gender equitable psychedelic renaissance by celebrating and elevating the contributions of women in this space (commencing with an inaugural Sisters in Psychedelics Summit).

At the same time, our purpose includes raising awareness of the psychedelic and entheogenic movement in Vancouver and Canada, positioning these locations at the forefront of the global psychedelic landscape.

We’re donating 10% of profits from pillar events like the SIP Summit to select mission-aligned organizations. The 2022 Summit recipient is digitaldeva.org – a staffing and training provider that empowers Canadian indigenous women with digital literacy and virtual assistance skills.

2022 SPS Steering Committee

Diana Villarreal

Diana is a technologist with 15 years of professional experience in business operations, events, marketing and, communications. Above all things, Diana is passionate about personal development and ecological conservation; she is a plant-medicine student and advocate who believes psychedelic medicines will play an important part in moving humanity forward. She has committed her career to supporting and advancing the efforts for the legalization of psychedelic medicines and has signed the NorthStar Ethics Pledge.

Lindsay Billingsley

As a clinical counsellor and social welfare advocate, Lindsay has spent the last 17 years working to support those struggling with substance use and mental health. 6 years ago her life course shifted dramatically and catapulted her into her own journey of healing and self-discovery. Since that time she has been on a path from the head into the heart, finding her way through the embodied practices of yoga, meditation, and somatic experiencing, to the gateway of psychedelic-assisted therapies.

By All, For Women

From goddesses of ancient myth to modern day curanderas, witches, priestesses and healers, women and sacred plants have been intimately linked. 

And, as entheogens and psychedelics have made their way into the modern world, women have played vital roles in research, academia, science, and advocacy.

Yet, despite the undeniable impact women have had in the psychedelic space, all too often, our perspectives have not been considered, our contributions have been minimized, and our voices have not been heard.

unique in-person event

Produced by women, the SIP Summit is a unique event developed to uplift women and the divine feminine in the psychedelic space, providing an opportunity to connect, learn and grow in an educational and inspirational environment.


Featuring powerful and thought-provoking female speakers from a broad cross-section of practices and areas of expertise, the SIP Summit aims to elevate women’s contributions and perspectives in the psychedelic realm.

SuMMit Schedule

We’re still putting together the Summit 2023 schedule – below is what 2022 looked like as a sample.

This is the fast and fluid summit schedule. Attendees are free to to jump in and out, as well as take bio breaks as they please. 

Bea Chan


Dana Harvey


χʷəy̓χʷiq̓tən Audrey Siegl

Kayse Gehret - Summit MC

Kayse Gehret


Pamela Kryskow - Keynote

Pamela Kryskow

Amanda Siebert


Kay Hanen - transformation Panel

Kay Hanen

Laurie Brooks

Laurie Brooks

Ivy Astrix

Deb Sev - primary Photo

Deborah Servetnick

Brittany Lillegard - Microdosing 101

Brittany Lillegard

Shelley Genovese - Guided Breathwork Break

Shelley Genovese

Diana Villarreal - Leadership Panel Moderator

Diana Villarreal


Lisa Ranken -Leadership Panel

Lisa Ranken


Barinder Rasode


AC Braddock

Alison Crosthwait - Trauma, Money & Psychedelics

Alison Crosthwait

Sara Brittany Somerset - Amplifying Women's Voice in Male-Dominated Industry

Sara Brittany Somerset


Aga Postawska

Sarah Hope - Medicine Women Panel

Sarah Hope


Sarah Salter Kelly - Medicine Women Panel

Sarah Salter Kelly

Brittany Sirtonski - Medicine Women Panel

Brittany Sirtonski

Alicia Lucas - Medicine Women

Alicia Lucas


Aga Postawska

Shelley DeMarco

Shelley DeMarco

Ally Guida Smith - PTSD, Parenting & Psychedelics

Ally Guida Smith

Lorien Nemec - Yoga & movement

Lorien Nemec

Yen Cam - Accessibility Panel

Yen Cam


Olga Morawczynski - Accessibility Panel

Olga Morawczynski

Sharan Sidhu - Accessibility Panel

Sharan Sidhu

Lindsay MacKay - Accessibility Panel

Lindsay MacKay

Yasmeen Sadain- Accessibility Panel

Yasmeen Sadain

Madison Nobbs - Ketamine

Madison Nobbs

Fabiola Perez - Clinician's Dilemma

Fabiola Perez



Jess Wilmot - Integration Panel Moderator

Jess Wilmot


Krystine Grace - Integration Panel

Krystine Grace

Naomi Schulz - Integration Panel

Naomi Schulz

Sheryl Hanula

Bea Chan


Dana Harvey


Kayse Gehret - Summit MC

Kayse Gehret


Vanessa Lefan Yuen

Multidisplinsary Artist


Ariel Silk Artist

Wendy The Witch

Medium Psychic Readings

B2B2B Live DJ Sets

Tetrad Sound x Mind of Gaia x DJ Conscious Mind

Aga Somaheart

Sound Healing Journey