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to create a more balanced, inclusive and accessible psychedelic ecosystem for today and for generations to come.


to create a community and a platform that empowers people to elevate the divine feminine and other underrepresented voices in the evolution of the psychedelic ecosystem 


Sisters in Psychedelics is a for-profit social enterprise. Newly established, grassroots and with no external funding, our profits are reinvested into building the organization so we can achieve our vision of a  balanced, inclusive and accessible psychedelic ecosystem for today and for generations to come.

We also donate 10% of profits from pillar events like the SIP Summit to select mission-aligned organizations. The 2022 Summit recipient is digitaldeva.org, empowering Canadian indigenous women with digital literacy skills.socual

We Envision

1 – Equal representation of all genders, races, and cultures in all sectors of the psychedelic ecosystem

2 – Plant medicine and psychedelics as accessible to and acceptable for all who choose to use them – including parents – without fear

3 – Normalization of psychedelic use that leads to free choice for radical self healing and mental wellness

4 – A vibrant community that supports and includes all female-identifying people who are choosing to use psychedelics intentionally

5 – A psychedelic ecosystem shaped equally by the divine feminine and the sacred masculine

We Believe

1 – Abundance = Plentifulness of the good things in life and a growth mindset

2 – Community = Like-minded souls that share common attitudes, interests & goals

3 – Diversity & Inclusion = fostering a sense of belonging by centering, valuing, and amplifying the voices, perspectives and styles of those who experience more barriers based on their identities

4 – Growth = A gradual development from a simple to a more complex form

5 – Integrity = Shown through actions, be true to your values and what you stand for in life

We Commit To

1 – Championing the divine feminine, the female perspective and voice in the psychedelic ecosystem – and inviting all who support us in the mission

2 – Embodying our values to lead by example in normalizing and advocating for safe, intentional, accessible psychedelic use 

3 – Creating connections and community that elevate, celebrate and support underrepresented voices in the psychedelic space

4 – Seeking, respecting and honouring the wisdom of those who came before us

5 – Being unstoppable in our mission

What our fellow sister says:

SiP offers encouragement, inspiration, acceptance, healing, adventure & discovering. I cannot imagine anyone joining SiP and not finding some benefit in it.


Our Origin Story

Dana and Bea came together in their search for like-minded women to connect with around their shared interests in psychedelics and self development. When they couldn’t find the community they desired, they created their own!

Birthed in November 2021, Vancouver Women In Psychedelics (VWIP) launched with 15 ladies showing up at Bea’s apartment complex for a potluck dinner. They connected, shared stories, and learned about each others’ interests. By the end of the evening, they knew we wanted to meet again…and again. By the end of the year, just by word-of-mouth, the group had more than 50 members.

More local events and initiatives were launched in 2022 as the group continued to grow and to gain recognition in psychedelic communities around the world. The feedback was that there were women everywhere who were craving this kind of community.

In April 2022, VWiP rebranded into Sisters In Psychedelics (SIP), removing geographical barriers to create a global sisterhood.

Meet The Co-Founders

DAna HarvEY

Psychedelics and Microdosing Educator & Guide

Dana is a founder, an educator, a professional communicator, a community builder, and an advocate for gender inclusivity in the psychedelic ecosystem. 

Previously a c-suite executive and head of investor relations at Numinus, one of the leading publicly traded psychedelics companies, Dana stepped down to pursue a different avenue of supporting and educating people around the intentional use of psychedelics for transformation.

She founded The Flourish Academy through which she provides loving guidance around microdosing and psychedelics, shares evidence-based research and cultivates supportive communities like The Flourish Academy Club on Clubhouse with over 1.4K members. The club meets 3 mornings per week in the “Cannabis, Entheogens + Women’s Wellness”, “Psychedelic Microdosing 101” and “Psychedelics 101” rooms.

Dana is a longstanding advocate for women’s empowerment and is also a co-founder of the Women’s Collaboration Hub non-profit society which provides a collaborative and empowering environment for youth and women from diverse backgrounds to connect, learn and grow.

Bea Chan

Community Builder & Mental Health Advocate

After 7 years of an unfulfilling corporate career, Bea quit her job, bought a one-way ticket to Asia and embraced the digital nomad lifestyle.

Her journey from Canada to Thailand to Mexico led her to sacred plant medicine. Guided by the universe, she birthed a few creations into the world, including:

Wanting to elevate the feminine presence and invite more diversity into the psychedelic space, Bea collided with Dana at the right time to bring Sisters In Psychedelics to life.

She’s also a contributing writer on platforms like: Women On Psychedelics, Canadian Psychedelic Association and was featured on National TV as a psilocybin advocate.

Why a Sisterhood?

There’s something magical when women come together to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas, and strength. We have been doing this in sisterhood and circles since the beginning of time.

Today, and in the realm of psychedelic healing and growth, we need this perhaps more than ever.


Women have particular physical, emotional and spiritual experiences that are simply not shared across genders, and we need a safe place to share these with others who understand them first-hand.

There is a beautiful level of intimacy and support in women’s groups that simply can’t be replicated in mixed gender groups.

Due to historical and systemic gender-based power imbalances, it can sometimes be difficult for women to let their guards down in the company of men.

We believe in diversity and inclusion in the psychedelic space, and that, of course, includes all genders. In addition to mixed gender opportunities, a sisterhood provides a unique opportunity for women to revel in, celebrate and support our divine feminine selves.