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Are you a female-identifying person seeking a community of like-minded women interested in safe, intentional use of psychedelics for self-healing and growth?

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Based on the success and feedback of our inaugural summit, we’re expanding to 3 days! 


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Are you?

Just finding out about the power of psychedelics and entheogens for transformation, wellness and healing?

A professional working in the field - scientist, lawyer, therapist, entrepreneur, integration guide, microdosing coach?

Practicing other modalities that complement psychedelic work? Or experiencing their benefits yourself?


This group is for female-identifying individuals to come together in a safe and supportive environment to discuss all things that support informed, intentional, and safe psychedelic use for personal healing and growth.

There’s something magical when women come together to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas, and strength. We have been doing this in sisterhood and circles since the beginning of time. Today, and in the realm of psychedelic healing and growth, we need this perhaps more than ever.

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“To Heal Ourselves, We Must Heal Our Communities.”

OriGin StoRY

Dana and Bea came together in their search for like-minded women to connect with around their shared interests in psychedelics and self development. When they couldn’t find the community they desired, they created their own!

Originating in their home community of Vancouver, Canada (and originally called Vancouver Women in Psychedelics), the community soon gained the attention from women around the world, rebranded to Sisters in Psychedelics (SIP) and removed geographical boundaries to create a global sisterhood.

Dana Harvey

Bea ChAn

What our fellow sister says:

I didn’t feel shy or uncomfortable speaking about my experiences, I felt that the women in the room understood and related to my journey. The type of women in the group are people who are curious, accepting and willing to step out of the “norm” and embark on a journey of self-discovery.